crack | writeinktober entry #3

the goodbye right after hello..

the goodbye right after hello
a crack

expectations and words not kept
a second crack

faltered smiles and unconcerned eyes
a third crack

letting them in, unhealed;
letting them go, healed

countless cracks within her
countless cracks that filled her

cracks that broke her,
cracks that will transform her

she hopes…
..until the next crack.

pattern | writeinktober entry #2

sweet little Alice, went down the rabbit hole

Alice, where are you headed?
will you meet with the Cheshire Cat?

you left to have fun at the tea party,
but you stayed stuck while the time slowly ticks

Alice, why are you running? were you trying to hide?
No, Absolem can not help you with his wise words now

lone like the Jabberwock, you could have been friends
but you chose to slay him with your own hands

Alice, your bloodstream’s filled and burning you again,
you’re spiraling back to that same old pattern

eyes are hazy yet they speak with madness
will you answer The Hatter’s riddle soon?

sweet little Alice, went down the rabbit hole,
further and further away you fall.

gold | writeinktober entry #1

Wildfire. Fireheart. Light-bringer.

she stood there glowing,
gold ember enveloping her

a sign that the fight within has been won
a fight to regain herself

finally made peace with the demons inside
acceptance of who she was, is and will be

burning eyes filled with calm rage
set to strike the darkness outside.

Written In The Sky | 16th of June

Our friendship will be eternal,
Like stars in all the galaxies.

A linked soul,
The Sun to your Moon,
Air to Water; Earth to Fire,
Elements complementing one another.

A colorful thread we chose not to cut,
In time, it will only get stronger.
The comfort that we’ll both be there,
With eyes that hold no judgment.

Alone yet together,
Fate and choices that will lead us there.
You’ll utter the words “It was worth it.”
And I’ll smile because it is.

Our friendship will be eternal,
Like stars in all the galaxies.
Black holes through black holes,
Our bond will pass through dimensions.

Thank you for your friendship.
Amidst all this chaos,
In between the cries and the laughs,
I am grateful to call you my friend.

Happy Birthday to one of my soulmates, my ‘best friend’ (I guess? kekeke),
my kambal, I’m here to stay, you can’t get rid of me.


“To the stars who listen
— and the dreams that are answered.”

“To the stars who listen
— and the dreams that are answered.”

Glowing ever brighter – You,
The light complementing my dark.
The hope that made me feel alive,
Like the stars in my prison window,
Gleaming in my coldest and darkest days.

It all still feels surreal,
To gaze at you right now.
To lie with you, to feel you..
Here. With Me.
You chose me, My Cursebreaker.

And I’ll forever be grateful
For the stars listened,
And answered my prayers,
They blessed me with you,
My Salvation.

A life I never thought I’d have,
A dream turned into reality.
If when I open my eyes there is still you,
It is enough.
This life would be enough.


I finally started reading Maas’ A Court of Frost and Starlight and I am so excited that I just had to write something! 
Quote is from A Court Of Mist and Fury (2nd book to A Court of Thorns and Roses series.)