“To the stars who listen
— and the dreams that are answered.”

“To the stars who listen
— and the dreams that are answered.”

Glowing ever brighter – You,
The light complementing my dark.
The hope that made me feel alive,
Like the stars in my prison window,
Gleaming in my coldest and darkest days.

It all still feels surreal,
To gaze at you right now.
To lie with you, to feel you..
Here. With Me.
You chose me, My Cursebreaker.

And I’ll forever be grateful
For the stars listened,
And answered my prayers,
They blessed me with you,
My Salvation.

A life I never thought I’d have,
A dream turned into reality.
If when I open my eyes there is still you,
It is enough.
This life would be enough.


I finally started reading Maas’ A Court of Frost and Starlight and I am so excited that I just had to write something! 
Quote is from A Court Of Mist and Fury (2nd book to A Court of Thorns and Roses series.)

G o b l i n

I waited for you in winter..

waited for you in winter,
in the cold you’ve gone astray

I waited for you in spring,

like flowers, my heart still blooms

I waited for you in summer,

in spite the blinding sun’s fire

I waited for you in fall,
trees withering yet hope unfailing

I’ll still wait for you,
as the winter air comes breezing again

my dear.



The End.

At first glimpse, they already knew..

At first glimpse
They already knew
Similar but not
Opposite and alike
Waiting for their
Turn to speak

Everyone can see
Familiarity in their eyes
Silent conversations
Writings on same page
Both falling to
Simultaneous steps

Always been
A good company
Always got
Each other’s back
In spontaneity
They’re better together

Little arguments
Closer they became
Each other’s actions
Affections they
Would never show

Shy looks
Never staring
Flesh to flesh
Barely touching
Only had that
One embrace

She’s full of emotions
She’ll never show
He always wonder
He’ll never know
Never met
On short distance

Their time trickling
In the slim hourglass
All that they are
is an almost-almost story
At last glimpse
They already knew.


Coffee And City Lights

a Last Night movie inspired poem.

Swaying to our last dance,

Wishing we could meet again.

Make the most of our last chance,

Hoping it’ll keep me sane.


Beautiful, you look beautiful

Don’t look down, let me stare,

 Eyes twinkling like the city lights,

Let the moon be in awe, just stay

Will this be our Last Night,

Last Night to see that smile?

‘Til we’re no longer feeling,

‘Til we’re no longer breathing.

Will you stay here with me?

Will you hold my hand, dear?

Until we drift away

With the waves beneath.



A Last Night movie inspired poem.