Manifest Your Heart’s Desires

“I recommend that you read The Alchemist.”

“I recommend that you read the Alchemist.”

– Growing Up by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

We attract what we think. You might have heard and seen this often and not really pay too much attention. You might be skeptical, too, just like how I was, but there is truth in this statement.

I am slowly learning and relearning that everything begins with our thoughts. Try to think of the things that you want to happen, things that you want to achieve. Try to envision it, it will be hard at first, especially if you are so used in expecting and experiencing unfortunate events happen to you, but just try.

There is one Oprah interview of Jim Carrey where he told the story of how he wrote a 10-million-dollar check to himself when he had nothing yet. He did it just to lift himself up. He kept that note in his wallet for years and years and on the same year that he dated the check with, he did make $10 million for a movie that he starred in!

It may not sound as simple as it really is, but what started as a visualization of things to only make himself feel better later became a reality. And if someone did it by starting with a single thought, then so can we!

Our minds are powerful. It can lead us to bigger and greater things if we only start to believe in it.

It’s not going to be easy. It will be a process. It might take years to reach something. And yes, we won’t always be in that calm, happy and good state, because that’s how life works, and there is always going to be a day, or weeks, in which you may think that it’s not working. You may feel that everything is still the same and you are just going in circles, but I believe that if we are aware of it means that we are still on the right track.

Don’t let go of the vision on where you want to be, on what you want to feel.

Same goes with our dreams, our Personal Legend, the things that we are passionate about, the things that we love to do, the things that give us a sense of purpose. Perhaps the Universe is just waiting for our move, beginning with our minds, so that it can do its part in helping us manifest what it is that we truly desire.

Think It. Claim It. Work on It. Reach it.

Praying that we can all manage to continue hoping.
To continue living.

*Listen to Macklemore’s Growing Up. Read Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist. Reread it. If you feel lost, read it again. Go for your Personal Legend. Still cheering for all of us.

The End.

At first glimpse, they already knew..

At first glimpse
They already knew
Similar but not
Opposite and alike
Waiting for their
Turn to speak

Everyone can see
Familiarity in their eyes
Silent conversations
Writings on same page
Both falling to
Simultaneous steps

Always been
A good company
Always got
Each other’s back
In spontaneity
They’re better together

Little arguments
Closer they became
Each other’s actions
Affections they
Would never show

Shy looks
Never staring
Flesh to flesh
Barely touching
Only had that
One embrace

She’s full of emotions
She’ll never show
He always wonder
He’ll never know
Never met
On short distance

Their time trickling
In the slim hourglass
All that they are
is an almost-almost story
At last glimpse
They already knew.


Coffee And City Lights

a Last Night movie inspired poem.

Swaying to our last dance,

Wishing we could meet again.

Make the most of our last chance,

Hoping it’ll keep me sane.


Beautiful, you look beautiful

Don’t look down, let me stare,

 Eyes twinkling like the city lights,

Let the moon be in awe, just stay

Will this be our Last Night,

Last Night to see that smile?

‘Til we’re no longer feeling,

‘Til we’re no longer breathing.

Will you stay here with me?

Will you hold my hand, dear?

Until we drift away

With the waves beneath.



A Last Night movie inspired poem.

She Would No Longer Be Your Friend

After all those dreams that would never be,
she finally woke up.

And now you’re losing her.

After all those dreams that would never be,

she finally woke up.

And now you’re losing her.

She would no longer talk to you. She’d no longer message you. No more initiating and prolonging conversations nor asking how you are. No more typing and retyping words in hopes that you’ll find some interest. She’d no longer try to make you smile when all that it is doing is take away hers.

She would no longer wait. No more waiting for the time that she’ll see you again. She’d no longer wait for your name to pop up. No more waiting if you’d remember that it’s her birthday and if you’ll ever notice that she’s not okay. She’d no longer wait for you to ask how she is.

She would no longer expect you to reciprocate – would no longer expect you to be the friend that she thought she needed. It’s unfair and wrong for both of you, she realized that now. She finally understand that no one can force someone into staying. She would stop clinging in to what you were, she’d no longer see you as her hope.

She would no longer try. No more trying to be what you need. She now knows that she can never be that friend, still she hopes for you to meet one, someone. She hopes for you to achieve all that you want ’cause she believes that you deserve it. She still wishes you well and still hopes for your happiness.

Perhaps you might not even notice but you would no longer hear from her. You would no longer be the one she thinks of sharing her stories with – good or bad. You would no longer be the person she remembers when a certain song plays. You would no longer be a constant thought in her mind. You would no longer see her. She would no longer be there.

She would no longer be your friend.

You already lost her.

Hey, You.

Yes, you.

You with the sad eyes.


Yes, you.

You with the sad eyes.

How are you?

How’s your heart? Are you feeling like you’ll never be happy or content with life? That you’re only surviving and living but not truly alive? Even when you’re with your family, with your friends or with your loved ones, do you still feel alone?

I think we all feel that way – at some point in our lives if not all the time. Dull and numb and full of feelings all at the same time. What a contradiction human beings are.

You are probably tired of people telling you that ‘everything’s gonna be okay in the end’, ‘think positive’ or ‘don’t worry about it’, words that often make it worse. Do you find it funny and appalling, too, when people tell you that? But I guess we can’t really resent them, for I, myself, am not sure of the right words to say, too.

You don’t have to stop yourself from feeling. You don’t have to stop yourself from letting the sadness in, from letting yourself feel some darkness, from letting some of the shadows accompany you.. perhaps facing them is how you’ll get through it.

Acknowledge their presence. Understand that they’re here, that they are a part of you, that you avoiding them would only result in you not being able to move forward.


Let your feelings flow.

Let your heart get tired, get numb.

Let it consume you — for that time being only.


Then, unknowingly, your heart will start to let happiness in, litte by little.

And as uncertain as we are about the ‘when‘ and ‘how‘, just know that there is someone here cheering you on. We’ll make it through.

You’ll make it through.